Only For Vegetarian

If you are a person who doesn’t like the meat or mutton. If the chicken is ignored by you and you just want the food which is vegetable based. And you might have found it difficult to have the right food. It can be a problem for you. But now don’t worry the here are is a dish which is only for vegetarian. You can have this and can enjoy a lot.

How to make vegetarian?

There are stepped in this articles which you can follow to get the dish. It will really help you out and you can have this at once. You can enjoy this. The ingredients are given below:

  1. The bean sprout should be in three cups
  2. The cooking oil should be one full cup
  3. The garlic should be in eight flakes
  4. The ginger should be in paste form approximately made by one inch long
  5. The soy sauce should be in three tablespoon
  6. Capsicum and carrots should be three
  7. The onions should be two and white
  8. Celery should be two
  9. And the four springs of onions
  10. Flour salt in amount of 250 grams
  11. Two tablespoons of oil

How to make it?

Take the oil in an amount of half cup. And put all the vegetables in that oil. Now take the salt and also put into it. Also, add the garlic with ginger and soy sauce. Now again you have to keep it fry until 4 minutes. Now make it out by starting. Now the next step would be the flour and salt mixing. Which you have to do and run in the 1 tablespoon. Now take the flour thoroughly and add some warm amount of water and care to avoid from being sticky. Now you have to knead it and have to round it too. And make rounds now place the vegetables in that. Now roll them and close the edges tightly. Now you have to fry them till they became the golden fry. Now you can serve it in a dish and also you have to cut it for better impact. You can use catch up or soya sauce also with it.

This would be really a nice dish for you.

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