Poison Food

With the arrival of some new and the modifications in food has changed the attention of people. People consider it with the nice and unique thing. They love to have the food with new changes. But the new food is also containing some sort of things which are not good. The food has to get some hazards elements which are harmful therefore it can be considered as the poison food.

Why are changes made?

The people think that there should be some changes occur in life to make it exciting. Although they apply the same terminology in food also. But the food is not a thing it is something different. The idea about food is totally changed in this regard in actual. But for the customer attraction or to create a beauty in their stocks they do this. They add some materials which can be harmful also. But the question n arise why you adding something in eatables which are not good. Because if you find the bananas you can have it without the changes and still it is more powerful than the mixed food we have. So it should be better and nice for us.

Changes in food:

The changes which are occurring in food are really not good. For example, they are adding more sugar in the corn. People cannot have the corn, in reality, it was before. It is something really different.it can cause the problems.

Moreover, the syrup of corn is also not considered as the good part of eating. It is also creating the disturbance and can be harmful. Because after having this your stomach can be disturbed. And it will result that you are eating t=continuously and still your mind is not getting the message that there is not more space or the food you have taken is enough now you should stop. This is why it is so different. The criteria are totally changed for your body. It can be harmful a lot.


By these kinds of additions into our food, the working can be different. Our body cannot have the real charms and this is the reasons that people are being fat. If you take the food properly you can have the real charm and it will help you a lot. You should eat the proper food or the natural one so the body can come up to normal.

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