The Benefits of Buying Meat Wholesale

The key to any successful menu is using fresh, flavorful foods to create each dish. Restaurants that use high quality proteins and vegetables have eateries that are packed with customers night after night. Purchasing meat wholesale is the best way for chefs to get the most for their money. These flavorful products are sure to be the star of any entree. A company that is constantly evolving to provide restaurants with the best products possible will offer the best products.


One of the top reasons to purchase meat wholesale for use in a restaurant setting is the variety of items available. Local meat shops have limited choices. On the other hand, Soloways Hot Dog Factory has a range of products from which to choose. There are several kinds of hot dogs, sausages, and other top quality proteins available. Restaurateurs will also find that there are a variety of options for customers who do not eat meat, such as, veggie hot dogs and gluten free items.

Another aspect that makes purchasing meat wholesale a more attractive option is the quality behind the products. Soloways began providing high quality proteins to the community in 1927. Since their inception, it has been the goal of this company to provide their clients with European style meats that have a robust flavor. And their recipe has not changed. Though they have tailored some products to meet the changing needs of the consumer, the company has never strayed from its origins.

Buying meat wholesale is a quick and easy way to restock the pantry. This company has a website where customers will find a list of all the items they offer. Simply visit their website, select the proteins and condiments needed, and proceed to the checkout. The whole process is quick and easy so clients can get their shopping done fast.

Customers also like the price that comes with buying meat wholesale. Retail meat purveyors often charge more for lesser quality meats. Their proteins are often made by another company and shipped to them. This is not the case with Soloways Hot Dog Factory. This company still makes each piece that is sent to its customers. This allows them to sell the items at a lower price than their competitors. Clients end up with products that have more flavors and are less expensive.

Purchasing meat wholesale is best for any business. These items are crafted according to recipes that are built on years of tradition. The result is a flavorful product at discount prices. Buying proteins at a cheaper price allows the restaurants to charge the customer less, while not having to compromise on quality.

Since 1927, this company has produced high quality meats at low prices. In that time the focus of the company has shifted to business customers, but the recipes never changed. They still provide clients with the same authentic European meats that they developed when the company began. In addition to hot dogs, they sell sausages, burgers, steak, chicken, and all the condiments needed to enjoy these items.

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